Photos for families and children: outdoors or in the studio

Family photo shoot: in the studio or outdoors?

The idea of taking some professional photographs with your loved ones does not have to remain within a studio. It is possible to organize outdoor shootings, agreeing on a suitable place for the occasion, but also photo sessions in your own home. It all depends on your wishes.

The studio lends itself perfectly to posed shots, with a controlled light exposure. In an outdoor environment, no pose photos are the most popular as are those taken in the intimate atmosphere of the house.

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When to take outdoors family photos

Spring is coming and with it the desire to spend more time outdoors. What better occasion, than the spring days, to create wonderful memories with the whole family?

As experts, however, we can say that it is not only spring that is suitable for taking some family photos. In winter, especially during the Christmas holidays, and in autumn, among the leaves and the bright colors of the earth, you can create beautiful photo services.

When to take family photos in the studio

A professional photographic studio cannot miss a posing room equipped with lights and backgrounds. In this case, there is no better time to shoot, we are in fact in a room where everything is controlled, from the lights to the temperature, so every moment can be the right one to have a photo session.

The space of the studio is also suitable for hosting families or large groups of children, without too many capacity limits.

How does the photo shoot for children and families take place?

Our goal, both outdoors and in the studio, is to capture only the most authentic smiles. It is important that adults and children feel at ease, free to express themselves, to play and exchange glances, caresses, hugs. Let’s not forget the four-legged friends who are part of the family, they too are invited to pose with their loved ones.

Tips for photos with the family and with kids

Before shooting, we always recommend a meeting with the photographer to define all the details: location, time, ideas for poses and so on. By deciding the mood, from style to clothing, before the photo session, it will be easier to achieve a satisfactory result for everyone.

Children let themselves be carried away by the moment and appreciate this type of activity as if it were a game. We advise adults not to focus on the lens but rather to completely forget the photographer!

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