Autumn wedding: the best scenarios for your photos

Autumn wedding photos: the rain myth

Autumn is not the most popular season to get married, but it sure is the most original. Couples are always afraid of rainy days and not being able to have the photo session they dreamed about for their wedding. Let’s dispel this myth: you can have beautiful wedding photos even if it’s raining outside!

There are several advantages in having an autumn wedding and one of these is that you can count on a wide covered space, a shelter from the rain: it may be a reception room, a greenhouse in an Italian garden, a pergola with a view. With the right decorations and lights, these places are a perfect backdrop for wedding photos.

Fall wedding photography

Couples who choose to have a fall wedding, find it easier to book their favorite place and professionals since they are less busy with other engagements. Once set the date and venue, there is plenty of time to meet with the photographer and plan the photo session of your dreams. Do it and you won’t be disappointed! Autumn wedding photos can be a unique opportunity to differentiate your event and make it an unforgettable moment.

Best scenarios for autumn wedding photos

What are the best scenarios for autumn wedding photos? Well, do not limit your imagination to the inside of some reception hall, even though, as we said, they are great backgrounds. Italian and Tuscan’s fall season is not that rainy, so when the weather allows it you can take advantage of the beautiful colors of nature and take some photos outside.

We love to capture brides and grooms under a cloudy sky or in the orange light of the sunset. Great scenarios are even romantic woods and vineyards with lots of colorful leaves on the ground.

Advantages of a wedding photo session in autumn

When you take photos outside during the summer time, you have to consider the hot sun. It is not always easy to pose for long periods of time wearing the wedding dress, but during fall you can enjoy the warm sunlights and have longer photo sessions in the open air with your friends and family.

Since, compared to summer, the sun sets earlier in the day, make sure to plan with the photographer a schedule for the most important photos to you. A close relationship with the photographer will help you get the best wedding photos!

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