Best wedding photos: the unmissable moments of your event

Wedding moments photography

Every wedding is a unique and unrepeatable event, what is asked of the photographer is precisely the possibility of capturing this special day to relive it over time. We know that couples are overwhelmed by the emotion of the moment and that once the event is over they will be eager to relive those same feelings.

It is our job to stay close to the couple and capture all the emotions on their face by creating a collection of photos and videos capable of triggering their memories. In every marriage there are moments that, more than others, cannot be missed. In this article we list some of them.


The moment when the bride and groom get ready wearing their outfits is one of the most exciting. Surrounded by their family or friends, the two protagonists are eagerly waiting to see each other and finally exchange promises.

Depending on the photographic style most suitable for the wedding and the bride and groom, we take care to capture every most significant moment without neglecting the moments that break the tension, smiles and toasts before putting on the veil.

Exchange of the rings

In any ceremony, whether civil, religious or symbolic, there is a moment that most of all marks the bond just created between the couple. This moment is that of the exchange of rings. In the magical atmosphere created in the church or in the location chosen for the ceremony, the emotion of the two protagonists is almost palpable.

The photo that captures the exchange of the rings cannot be missing from the wedding album. It is an unrepeatable and unique moment, a symbol of the promises that bride and groom exchange for each other at the beginning of their life together.

Couple portraits

To fix such a special day in time, a photo dedicated to the couple in their ceremonial outfits cannot be missing. The style of the portrait is decided on the basis of the style of the event, the personality of the couple and the requests they made to the photographer during the organizational phase.

At the same time, individual portraits are usually taken, of the bride and of the groom. Elegant and romantic, these portraits are ideal to keep forever in a precious frame.

The party

After the ceremony it’s time to celebrate. During the party, friends and relatives of the couple also become the protagonists of the photos, the chosen location and all the decorative details that make the wedding such a personal and exciting event.

It is important to include guests, landscapes and details in photos and videos because they help to tell the atmosphere of the moment and fix it over time. Places and people are essential to unleash the best memories in the newlyweds.

The wedding cake and the first dance

The entrance of the wedding cake represents the most beautiful moment of the party and the beginning of the wildest celebrations. Traditionally, the couple cut the cake together and enjoy a piece of it among toasts and shouts from the guests. This moment is followed by another even more exciting one, the couple’s first dance as husband and wife which also marks the beginning of the dances.

Impossible not to capture these scenes in photos and videos that will remain forever in memory of the party and the happiness of those moments.

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