Wedding photobooth and videobooth

Wedding entertainment with photobooth and videobooth

The wedding is an opportunity to have fun with your friends and family, creating precious memories that will remain forever etched in the memory of the couple and their guests. The moment dedicated to music and dances is certainly the most appreciated and remembered, but in addition to this it is possible to offer guests much more… wedding photobooths are one of the most original forms of entertainment!

If what you are looking for is an engaging form of entertainment for everyone, adults and children, having a photobooth or videobooth is the best solution!

Photobooth for wedding

There are several types of photobooths. They range from a simple photo booth to design settings, themed with the style of the event. Each photobooth is unique, tailor-made, as unique and tailor-made as your wedding day.

This corner of the party is set up with gadgets and props that guests, from the largest to the smallest, can use to dress up and take fun souvenir photographs. This form of entertainment, which is present at the event for its entire duration, is very engaging, a must at a wild wedding party!

Videobooth for the wedding

Like the photobooth, the wedding videobooth is set up in a corner of the reception and is active throughout the party. Instead of producing souvenir photos, however, it allows us to create a video to the rhythm of music, a faithful replica of the wedding party, its atmosphere and the emotions it unleashed in the spouses and guests.

Over the years, we have given a real name and a precise format to this type of entertainment: the selfie video booth.

Personalized memories for your event

In short, photo or video booths are an excellent solution to entertain your guests, but not only that, they also perform another important function: to create indelible and tangible memories of an extraordinary day! This feature has made them very popular in weddings and events.

Contact our studio to organize a photobooth or videobooth corner for your wedding. You will make your guests truly participate in a special and unforgettable day.

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