Wedding photography in Ravello

Ravello wedding photos

The Amalfi Coast is a popular destination for couples looking for beautiful views, amazing hospitality, and great Italian traditions. As photographers, we love the Coast for its incredible amount of inspirations and photographic glimpses.

By getting married in Ravello, you’ll get the chance to take beautiful photos using the sea, the picturesque village houses, and the mountains as a natural backdrop. Every small village of the Amalfi Coast is an ideal location for taking emotional pictures, Ravello is no exception: it is just perfect for wedding photos and videos.

Wedding photographer in Ravello

When it comes to photographing the wedding day, Ravello offers a wide range of opportunities. The sea, the mountains, the beach, the town centre, the local cultivation of citrus fruits… all these elements can be integrated in your wedding photos or videos.

Our experience as a wedding photographer in Ravello, and in the whole Amalfi Coast, has deep roots. We are fascinated by the local views and love the atmosphere of the borgo all year long.

Destination wedding photography in Ravello

The wedding venues of Ravello usually offer terraces, gardens or pools with an amazing view of the sea. These are the best spots to take pictures because we can capture both the venue’s ambiance and the incredible sea view. Anyway we can accompany you to the best belvedere of the Amalfi Coast and take some posing photos, portraits, and landscape pictures.

We encourage the wedding couple to talk to us and detail us their expectations and wishes. This way we can plan a specific schedule for the wedding day and make sure to get all the most important moments on camera.

Wedding video in Ravello

If photos are the best way to remember you of a specific moment forever in time, videos can really immerse yourself into your wedding day, helping you to relive the emotions and sensations of that special event.

In Ravello, we use cameras and drones to capture the best views on tape. We can record your wedding as seen from the blue sky of the Amalfi Coast, not forgetting to capture even the smallest details: your smiles, your hands, your guests.

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