Wedding photos: types and styles to choose from

The choice of wedding photos

The wedding photos, together with the video, give tangible form to the most beautiful memories of a unique and unrepeatable day. It is therefore important that the style of each picture reflects the couple as much as possible, conveying their love story on the prints.

The wedding pictures represent the most beautiful and exciting moments of the day, every move of the bride and groom, from the preparation to the ceremony, from the reception to the party and the cutting of the cake. To connect all these moments will be the style of the photos.

Wedding photos: all types

Each couple has their own style, their own personality and their own characteristics. Our goal is to create a photo shoot for each couple that reflects these peculiarities. To do this, we have created three different types of wedding photos that are further adapted to the couple each time: Perfect Mix, No Pose and Classic Style. In this article we provide some more information.

Perfect Mix: perfect balance

In the Perfect Mix style we seek the perfect balance between dynamism and formality. This is the style most requested by couples for their wedding photos. The result of the pictures are original photos that tell the wedding in a fun but also exciting way. The relaxed simplicity of stolen photos, the truest and most authentic, also gives way to posed photos, with attention to every detail and to which a touch of elegance given by tradition is always added.

This is the right mix to tell a wedding: one eye to capture all the emotions that pass on your face and the other for portraits and classic poses that fixes the beauty of the event and its protagonists forever in time.

No Pose: stolen pictures

By choosing the No Pose style, you will not notice that you have a photographer at your wedding. The photos are stolen images that simply tell all the moments of the day. No pose is required of the spouses and even less of their guests. The bride and groom are free to fully experience every moment of such a special day without ever taking away time or attention from their friends and family.

No poses, however, does not mean that portraits or close-ups are lacking, we know how to make ourselves invisible and yet capture every emotion on your face closely. The No Pose is a type of photo shoot that allows the bride and groom to relax and enjoy the event, the biggest surprise will be to see each other again in the photos once collected in a precious album.

Classic Style: the tradition of Righi

The Classic Style style brings to the stage the maximum expression of traditional wedding photos. It is a timeless style, always modern despite the fashions and new trends that conquer the bride and groom from year to year. Each photo is studied and treated in detail both on the wedding day and at the time of post-production. In all the pictures we aim to tell the elegance, the romanticism, the unique atmosphere of that unforgettable day.

This style is ideal for couples who love uncompromising tradition, to describe a wedding in which elegance is a main component in a fresh but formal way.


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