Alice & Adi

Alice & Adi

Alice and Adi celebrated their love with two ceremonies: a civil ceremony at the Rocca di Carmignano, very significant for them, and a Jewish ceremony followed by the reception at the Torrigiani Garden.
For the photo shoot they completely trusted us, already knowing the studio and all the staff. We let ourselves be inspired by their personality, two kind and gentle persons who chose a very colorful and bubbly setting for a wedding that was a party and meeting of friends and relatives from all over the world. For us it was natural to mix some posed and intimate photos of the couple with a fresh and playful reportage of an event so fun and full of love. Alice and Adi couldn’t have been happier. A true and shared wedding made of affection, smiles and bright colors of the flowers that have adorned this splendid hidden garden in the center of Florence. The colors of love that filled our cameras and our eyes. A relaxed, fun wedding with attention to detail with a dinner on your feet so as not to steal too much time from the party and the possibility of being together… the cake made of lego bricks is the perfect synthesis of this incredible couple!


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