Analogic photography

Analogic photography

A flash back in the future

If you are looking for a special emotion in photography, we can create a timeless, truly unique and precious product: fine art prints with the old method of silver salts. These are prints made exclusively by hand, in an artisan darkroom on precious baryte paper.

We have kept the ancient techniques of development and printing from analogue negative. The better way to preserve your memories over time.

Analogic print: timeless quality

The silver salt method for photo printing is synonymous with artisan and timeless quality, even better than modern digital photos. The richness of the metallic silver that physically “designs” the image has a deep and three-dimensional modulation of shades that allows you to better appreciate the subjects portrayed.

With this technique, the memories captured by the film will be forever preserved over time.

Fine art prints in black and white

Fine art monochrome prints, in black and white, are made by our team following the traditional technique, unchanged since the end of 1800. The process starts with the analogic film camera, then the negative is developed in the darkroom and printed on fine papers.

For their preservation, we thought of a special box: a wooden box handmade in the version“argentique”. A design object that contains your most precious memories.

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