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How many pictures pass on your phone every day? How many of these remain in your memories?

We want to slow you down to still excite you in front of a precious image, to savour every detail made of light, every sensation gathered in the shade, to stop time. The satisfaction of touching a fine art print, the experience of leafing through an album, of having precious and solid materials in your hands, a substance in an inconsistent world… We want to give you a timeless memory, a deep memory and unique, unforgettable images.

Here at the Righi Photography Studio we are united by a great passion: creating the most beautiful wedding images for you.

The Righi brand, since 1954, is known as a wedding photographer in Tuscany and in Italy, as well as for wedding videos.

Our team

The studio is made up of a team of professionals who confront each other every day, as in a Renaissance workshop the result comes thanks to teamwork, better together! We prefer the consistency and reliability of a team, to the limits of the individual, a daily growth for us, a guarantee for the customer. The working method is based on some fixed points, to deliver wedding photos and tailored wedding videos:

  • listen deeply to the history, desires and vision of those who trust us;
  • build a customized project, in style and cost;
  • use the most appropriate and cutting-edge techniques and equipment;
  • focus creatively to bring life to the images you wanted.


Our decades of experience realizing photos and videos for publishing, design, fashion and art inspires us every day. The great opportunity to meet art directors, artists and picture editors for publications, photo books, corporate videos, advertising spot, new projects and challenges, has made us develop a different point of view in the world of wedding photos and wedding videos.

Passion means quality

The quality of Righi’s photos and wedding videos is a guarantee. We are guided by the passion for this job and the joy of being part of one of the most important days of your life. Passion guides us through the emotions that we try to stop over time with the photos and videos you’ve always dreamed of. The quality of our fine art wedding prints have made three generations of customers happy, now it’s your turn… smile!

For almost 70 years we have been offering our brides and grooms our vision behind the camera and video camera, responding to their dreams fills us with joy!

Images that speak about you

Fully embracing the style of each couple is part of our job, a fundamental part to develop timeless images, images that speak about you!

Beyond any passing fashion, beyond the trends of the moment, our goal is to listen and respect the style of our portrayed subjects. Understanding the bride and groom deeply, and telling their wedding respecting their taste and style, is the most important result for us.

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