Destination wedding photographer in Tuscany since 1954: Alessandro talks about Righi Photography

A team of destination wedding photographers

The Righi Photography was founded in 1954 with Piero Righi in the center of Prato soon became a reference point for wedding photos and videos throughout Tuscany. The studio’s activity has never stopped and over the years the Righi brand got increasingly known for the professionalism and quality of its photo shoots and video services.

With the increase in the Destination Wedding phenomenon, the activities of our studio are also growing. The team is now made up of real professionals in this industry: we photograph destination weddings throughout Tuscany and Italy!

Our story, our future

We can only be proud of this long history. In addition, the relationship and comparison with many couples from all over the world only enriches our style and fills us with new ideas for always different wedding photos, always personalized and unique.

Talking with Alessandro of the team Righi. Let’s find out more about his history and experience in the studio!

How and when did Righi Photography approach the destination wedding industry?

We have been working in Destination Wedding for about 10 years. Tuscany, with its territory and cities of art, attracts couples from all over the world who love good food, great wines, and the Tuscan lifestyle which is also expressed in the aesthetics of the villages and countryside, large country villas and city buildings.

We made the big jump with the Indian weddings that arrived in Florence, involving a number of guests always over 300 guests, some events almost blocked part of the city, and we had to commit almost our photos and videos staff for weddings of at least 3 days with hundreds of operators including catering, entertainment, florists, logistics, location, etc.. a delirium of colors and music that has taught us a lot.

Often this type of wedding takes place over several days. How is Righi Photography organized to follow the couple for the duration of the event?

Our studio is among the few in Italy that offers internal production of photos and videos, with a staff of 10 people allowing very careful coordination in logistics and style. A solid structure in these cases makes the difference, compared to the individual professional, the Righi signature guarantees a close-knit and intergenerational work group, which can respond more effectively to such large events with constant quality at every single moment.

A very important thing for newlyweds who come to Italy from other countries is the attention we have to put in registering the strength and characteristics of the places chosen by the spouses, we like to imagine them on a sofa in New York while they vividly find all the magic of the our Tuscany watching their album and their Wedding Movie, getting emotional again.

What stylistic differences are adopted for the photos of a destination wedding compared to those of a classic Italian wedding?

For us, every wedding is always a different story to tell by listening deeply to the wishes of the couple, the cultural differences and traditions are manifold and one must deepen the knowledge of each individual ritual.

For the Italian wedding, with the experience gained in almost 70 years of activity of the studio, there are no aspects that can escape us, while the experience made with Jewish, Lebanese, Indian, Pakistani, English, American, Irish marriages, French, African, German, Arab, etc… the collaboration with the wedding planners is fundamental to give the right answers.

Today we are able to face any wedding of any nationality or religion, the work with so many couples has enriched our experience and solidly trained all our photos and videos staff.

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