Ambika & Rahul

Ambika & Rahul

Ambika and Rahul’s was our first Indian wedding. A real challenge that has taught us a lot, from the power of a story made of colors and details to the importance of being a close-knit team to be able to fully cover the infinite succession of traditional events, often being in different places at the same time. Three days of celebrations, as per Indian tradition, in three of the most suggestive villas in Florence: Villa di Maiano for the welcome dinner, Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte for Mendhi, tattoo ritual and Sangit with Bollywood dances, Villa Le Corti for the ceremony and the party.
In the atmosphere of colors, joy and celebration that characterized each day, it was clear that Ambika and Rahul were surrounded by true affections. In order not to break the magic, we kept our distance. Always present, but never intrusive, we captured the original combination of an Indian wedding perfectly inserted in the Tuscan setting, without neglecting the couple’s friends and affections. The colorful clothes almost adorning the boxwoods of the Italian gardens, the avenue of cypresses occupied by the dancing guests during the arrival of the groom in a carriage, the ceremony at dusk under the Mandap decorated with a ceiling of flowers and gold, are just a few of the infinite ideas that this marriage has given us.


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