Engagement photo shoot

In an engagement photo shoot, we capture the most magical and intense moments of your couple before the big day, before saying “I do” and bonding to each other forever.

The most precious moments are those in which you exchange smiles, looks and loving gestures, moments that deserve to be preserved over time in quality photos and videos. Our camera lens is at your service to capture all the naturalness of the bond that unites you and your joy in view of the most special day, that of the wedding.

Pre-wedding couple portraits

In the case of the engagement, the photo session takes place in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. There is no rush, so enjoy the day without anxiety or stress. We will be by your side, following you closely, but discreetly. The way you interact with each other is what we like most to observe and capture in our photos. We think that each person external his love for the other one in a different way: small gestures, caresses, smiles that we believe is a real privilege to be able to immortalize in our photographs.

Engagement photo shoot in Tuscany

Our land, Tuscany offers countless landscapes with a unique charm that can be ideal as a background to tell your love story. We will choose together the most beautiful or most special locations for you, or we will be able to advise you on the most hidden and suggestive corners in which to spend the day in privacy, creating an intimate and even more magical environment where you can take your engagement photos.

They will become precious memories for you and your family and why not you can also use them to give a more personal touch to the wedding day by using them for example for invitations, tableau or place cards.

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