Wedding film photography

Wedding film photography

Film photography: analog is not obsolete

For those in search of a different emotion, especially on their wedding day, we thought of a tailored service coming all the way from the great photographic techniques of the past. We create photo services with 35mm analog cameras on demand and fine-art silver salts prints.

We have preserved, for those who appreciate their value, the ancient techniques of development and printing from analog film in the dark room. A method to preserve precious memories through time and at the highest quality levels.

Analog fine art: an enduring quality

Digital photography caused the tactile feeling of photos to be forgotten. Most of the digital shots, in fact, will not be printed and wedding photographs make no exception. Analog fine-art photos, instead, have their unique charme that lasts in time way more than a modern digital image.

The richness of the metallic silver, physically “drawing” the image, has  a deep and tridimensional modulation of the tonalities and allows a better result in the portrayed subjects output.

Matter and aesthetics of film photography

Film photography is a real and precious object, almost magical. The light is fixed on the film and takes shape, while in digital photography the chemical process gives way to mathematics, creating beautiful images but demystifying photography itself.
In short, the analog photo is imperfect, but it is precisely this characteristic that makes it even more powerful in the digital age: it is unique, it is real, it is true.

A wedding photo shoot to which analog shots are added acquires a special value, the tangible value given by the material and the aesthetics of the film.

Black and white prints from negatives

For analog photo services, we provide the option of printing black and white or color fine-art prints, through a traditional technique in the dark room. The whole process is performed by us in our studio, where we take care of developing and printing from negative on high quality papers.

We are sure that analog prints will be setting trends for many decades to come, this is why we thought of their storage into a special case: a handcrafted wooden box in its “Argentique” version. A design object created to protect your most precious memories.




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