Best places for your wedding photos in Tuscany: our advice

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Tuscany is definitely one of the most popular destinations for weddings and events, both a national and an international level. Over the years, this region has developed top quality services to easily reply to every couples’ request: wedding photography is one of these.

Our studio has been working with Italian and international couples since 1954. We aim to create beautiful memories for them and challenge ourselves to always finding new inspirations and scenarios for the best wedding photos in Tuscany.

Have your wedding photo session in Tuscany

Landscapes of Tuscany are enchanting. Couples love to have some pictures in their ceremony outfits with such backgrounds. Because of our job, we have had the opportunity to travel the region far and wide and we can suggest the best places for a wedding photo service across Tuscany to the bride and groom.

Before accompanying each couple along their wedding day, we discuss with them the style and mood they want to confer their wedding and make sure their personalities enhance their wedding theme. According to these information, we choose the best place and plan a tailored photo service.

Top places for wedding photos in Tuscany

A countryside landscape is indicated for natural-style, rustic and bohemian events. The Chianti hills, for example, are a great background if you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere and a natural color palette. We can produce vibrant photos during autumn and winter, or sunny and colorful shots, during spring and summer: a style shaped around each season’s feature.

Urban panoramas are the ideal background for traditional and classic-style events. Florence city center offers lots of different spots: the Arno view, the monuments, the squares, the churches… and let’s not forget about the belvedere and the villas, also gorgeous locations.

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