Italy elopement photographer, the experience of Eugenia

The experience of the Righi team for elopement weddings in Italy

Since its foundation in 1954, the Righi Photography has been a point of reference for wedding photos and videos throughout Tuscany. Over the years, our activity has evolved following the wedding trends and news. Among these, the elopement wedding should certainly be mentioned, it is the wedding in which only the bride and groom and their witnesses or just a few guests participate.

Over time, this trend has only increased… today our team is made up of real experts of the genre: for years we have been photographing elopement in Italy and Tuscany.

In a period in which events with many people are difficult if not impossible to organize, elopements are the right solution for those who really do not want to give up their dream of love.

We talk to Eugenia of the Righi team to find out more about the studio’s experience with regards to elopement weddings in Italy.

What is Studio Righi’s experience with elopement weddings in Italy?

Couples who elope in Italy dream of an event that embodies the style and beauty that has made this region famous and appreciated all over the world. Over time we have had the pleasure of participating in numerous elopement weddings in Italy, especially in Tuscany. This trend is constantly growing and we expect the same for the next few years.

What are the “photographic requests” of the couples when it comes to elopement?

The main request, even when not explicitly specified, is to be discreet and unobtrusive. This is the number one rule for any elopement photographer. With just the couple present, a very special intimate and private atmosphere is created that you need to be able to capture in photos and videos while remaining aloof.

Another request that couples often make is to capture every moment while remaining faithful to what really happened. They want a memory that is as faithful as possible to the reality of that special day to proudly show their loved ones who were not present.

In their photos and videos, we capture the atmosphere of Tuscany, of the places where they pronounced their most important “I do”, to allow them to experience the same emotions forever in time.

What stylistic differences are adopted for an elopement wedding compared to the traditional one?

Each wedding is unique, each couple is different in preferences, personality, culture… this mix inspires us every time to create a photographic style tailored for them. Elopement is no exception, each time we adapt our skills to tell one and only one story: yours.

In the case of an elopement, the mere presence of the bride, groom and witnesses, hever, allows us to dedicate even more time to photos and concentrate almost exclusively on the couple. This is why generally the photo shoot of an elopement in Italy is basedow on the intimacy of the couple, on their looks and gestures. With a full day at our disposal, we have plenty of time to take posed and spontaneous photos in the chosen destination, in the city or in the countryside.

In traditional weddings, however, our attention must be divided between the couple and the party, the guests and all the events scheduled for the day.

Any advice for choosing the photographer of your elopement?

Couples preparing for an elopement wedding in Italy should first of all choose a local photographer, who knows the territory of the chosen destination and its photographic potential. My advice is to meet the photographer at least a few days before the event, getting to know him before the big day will help you break the ice and feel more at ease during a day already full of emotions.

After all, the photographer will be one of the few people present and can be of great support, so it is better to establish a personal relationship.

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