Antica Fattoria di Paterno

A country house in Tuscany

The ample choice of spaces, its favourable location in the area of Montespertoli, within the famous expanse of the Florentine Chianti, makes the Antica Fattoria di Paterno an ideal destination for receptions and celebrations.
Paterno offers its visitors an authentic atmosphere of taste and style typical of the traditional Tuscan country house, where every detail is cared for in the slightest detail with a great deal of attention and enthusiasm.

At the Antica Fattoria di Paterno, the wise location of the spaces helps to preserve the unique charm of the ancient historic residences unaltered.

The interiors of the Fattoria

Indoors, much of the original furnishings are still maintained; The complex is overlooked by a magnificent tower of the seventeenth century, a direct demonstration of its function, both military and public, that the farm had been attributed over the centuries.

An area able to stir emotions, thanks to the distinct scenario in which it is located; a unique atmosphere, while both rural and elegant.

In addition, the three large halls of the farm (Sala Regina Elena, Sala delle Rose, Salone degli Specchi), of distinct charm, are adjacent to each other, so it is possible to achieve a large space for bigger celebrations.

Outside the Fattoria di Paterno, there is a perfect open-space for refreshments and summer garden parties. Sala del Giubileo, located next to the main entrance, it’s a truly fascinating and engaging environment, framed by rising architectures and well-groomed hedges.

Winter ceremonies are welcomed in the charming fireplace room, putting the guests in a friendly and relaxed environment.

An unforgettable memory

For photoshoots, the couple and their guests, have ideal locations, uniquely beautiful atmospheres.

Your wedding photographer will always be vigilant and skilful in finding the most compelling flashes, to mark them in that unforgettable memory that will remain to this day.

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