Wedding ceremony outdoor

The outdoor ceremony is an idea that excites the imagination of many. Large green areas, flowered arches, spring weather: getting married in a bucolic environment could
make everything even more magical! Or maybe you would like an exotic beach ceremony?

Your dreams could become reality, but this solution needs to overcome some problems, which are different according to the chosen rite. In fact, with the religious rite is not so simple to marry outdoors: the Church considers a marriage valid only if it is carried out in a consecrated place, therefore either a special authorization is requested or a church with open space is sought and a priest is assigned to celebrate the ceremony outside.

With the civil ceremony, things are a bit simpler, all you need to do is get information in time and do some bureaucracy. There are many villas and castles that thanks to the
agreement with the municipality of belonging can host outdoor civil ceremonies!

There is otherwise a simpler way, which will allow you to find the most suitable place, without restrictions: symbolic marriage! After having legalized the wedding in a church or in common, you can organize a real reproduction of the wedding in style wherever you prefer! So move in time, your dream ceremony is waiting for you!

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