Bridal photos: posing for an unforgettable experience

What are Bridal Photos?

This term indicates those photographs, taken by a professional, which aim to capture the beauty and essence of the bride in her dress. Generally, a bridal shooting is organized before the wedding, from a few days to a few months earlier, in a location chosen by the bride, which sometimes is not the same chosen for the big day.

These photos are then used by the bride in the most varied ways: they can be used as customized decorations at the wedding reception, or a very special gift for parents, relatives and, why not, even for the groom.

Why should you take some bridal portraits?

During the wedding, we always take photos of the bride and groom, but during that day the timeline is usually very tight and the newlyweds are often pressured by these condensed and intensive shootings. It would be better for the bride to enjoy her guests and party with the least possible stress and pressure possible.

Therefore, arranging a shooting before the wedding allows you to dedicate all the needed time to the photos, have fun and use all your creativity. On top of that, it is an additional opportunity to wear your dress and enjoy it more than once!

Where to organize the Bridal Photos?

Many brides choose to take their Bridal Photos in the same location that will host their wedding. This way, a continuity between photos produced that day and the ones from the reception is ensured.
This is not a rule though. For example, it could be an excuse to choose your favorite place or a location you were not able to book for your big day. Depending on your personality and the style you want to give to the photos, the photographer can also recommend a suitable location.

Tips for organizing a Bridal Photo shooting

During the wedding day, time to take photos is limited to a few key moments, such as let’s think about those moments before the ceremony or reception, during the photos of the bride and groom or at the entrance to the cake, but with a dedicated shooting there is no limit.

You have the entire day ahead and it is therefore possible to indulge into poses and props. The important thing is to always remain true to yourself. These photos will be a portrait of the woman you are today to keep over time and look at after 5, 10 or 30 years!

Many brides choose to have the shooting coincide with the make-up and hairstyle test. It is a tip that should not be underestimated because it allows you to take advantage of the opportunity to test the comfort of the dress, make-up and hair style you have chosen for the wedding day.

Furthermore, looking at the pictures, you may realize that you want some small changes and you will have plenty of time to adjust your style with the make-up artist and hairdresser before the wedding.

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