Getting married in spring: advice about photos and videos

Spring wedding photos

Planning the wedding during spring is pretty common, especially for foreign couples who choose Tuscany for their most special day. Springtime in Tuscany, and Italy, means wildflowers, sunny days, mild nights, and lots of opportunities for outdoor ceremonies and celebrations.

Temperatures allow the couple, and guests too, to really appreciate the outdoor spaces of the wedding venue: gardens, terraces, poolsides are finally available again, after the cold months of winter.

Inspirations at your spring wedding

From March to June, weddings and events rediscover outdoor locations and with them, an entire range of different backdrops for photos and videos. As photographers we could not be more happy. Spring gives us the right inspiration to provide our couples the best wedding photo session.

We make sure to talk with the couple before the event and agree on a certain schedule. Knowing their movements and all the happenings at the wedding, we can definitely capture all the best moments on camera.

Best scenarios for spring wedding photos

What are the best scenarios for spring wedding photos? Of course having the chance to go outside the wedding venue gives us a wide range of options. We love to capture brides and grooms in front of the Tuscan countryside, at its best during this season. Many locations actually have a panoramic view, over the hills or the city, we can use as backdrop.

Including nature in the photos of your spring wedding in Tuscany is always a great idea and a great source of inspiration. So, great scenarios are even a vineyard, an olive grove, a field of wildflowers.

Wedding photo session in the springtime

When you take photos in the summertime, the most popular for wedding celebrations, you have to consider the hot Tuscan sun. Brides and grooms may find it difficult to pose for pictures under the sun, and their guests too.

The spring sun, instead, is much easier to cope with. People enjoy the warmth and cozy atmosphere of the sunlight in spring and are happy to take part in pictures outside the wedding venue.

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