Photos and videos for events

Photos and videos for events

Photographic services for private and corporate events

Your event is a special occasion in which important and precious moments become memories. Think like a professional photoshoot will allow you to capture the emotions of the party and relive them at all times.

Your child’s most important milestones, anniversaries, birthdays of loved ones, or the great successes achieved in the company deserve to be captured in quality photos and videos.

Reportage of birthdays, anniversaries, ceremonies

Private parties, such as birthdays, anniversaries, eighteenth birthday parties, family reunions and baptisms are a subject of great attention for us. What we absolutely do not want to lose, and which we aim to capture in the photos, is their intimate and special nature.

We know that taking photos of a private event means getting in touch with people’s hearts and we take care to respect the family atmosphere that is created naturally. We want to fix it forever in time in photos and videos that respect your style.

Photos and videos for corporate events

One of the most important part of a corporate event is its communication. A photo-reportage in which you can tell your event is very important: photos and videos clearly communicate all your successes. The photographic services for corporate events require attention and discretion, as well as a great sensitivity in capturing the most important moments. Our staff works for a long time by studying the location spaces, logistics and privileged points for shooting.

Choose your photo on Righi online platform

After the event, the party goes on. The photos are made available to you and to your guests, on our online platform. A simple and intuitive interface, the platform is also designed for smartphone and tablet devices, with a click you are back in the centre of the party.

The lights go out but you are still the protagonist! You can choose, download and share your photos quickly and easily, you will have a complete web gallery with all the photos of the event.

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