How to plan a perfect photo session during your wedding

The wedding photo shoot

An event as special as the wedding involves many different moments that require the presence and attention of the newlyweds. How to reconcile this need with the desire to create a perfect photo shoot that includes the couple and the guests, the venue, the decorations, and the general atmosphere?

The best way is to plan each major photo well before the event begins. A preliminary meeting with the bride and groom will be enough to identify all those moments that absolutely must be present in the future wedding album.

Portraits for the bride and groom

Many couples choose to have the photo shoot begin when they get ready and put on their outfits. In this case, it is easy to set aside a few minutes to take some portraits of the bride and groom, alone or together with their families, groomsmen or bridesmaids.

In fact, after the ceremony it is time for the newlyweds to greet the guests, it will be up to the photographer to continue shooting and also film these moments, keeping close but invisible.

Photos of the ceremony

Some of the most important actions take place during the ceremony: the first look between the bride and the groom, the exchange of rings and promises, the kiss that marks the beginning of the celebrations.

These romantic moments do not repeat themselves a second time, so it’s better to be clear right away with the photographer. A professional will find on his own a way to get close and get a clear view of what is happening, but it is also possible to reserve for him and his team a space as close as possible to the action.

Couple photo

Another ideal time to dedicate time to photos is the one that precedes the beginning of the reception. While the guests are busy with an aperitif, the bride and groom can retire with the photographer to take beautiful couple photos. Many couples are frightened by this part, but it must be imagined as a moment in which to have the possibility of being guided in front of the camera and being enveloped by the best light, the one capable of enhancing this day and making it remembered over time.

Photos set in the most evocative corners of the wedding venue will be the golden piece of a tailor-made photo shoot in which nothing is missing.

Photo at the cake-cutting moment

The reception will be used by the photographer to capture the general atmosphere of the event. The decorations and the smallest details carefully organized for months and months need to be enhanced.

Finally, let’s talk about the cake-cutting: an event within an event that kicks off the wildest part of the party. A few shots on the dance floor will be the right conclusion of the day.

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