Not just the spouses: wedding details that deserve a photo

A good photographer is in the details

Every bride knows that her wedding will be an event full of emotions and moments to be photographed. In the midst of the event, however, there are some elements that should not go unnoticed.

These are details that an expert eye immediately notices, but the advice is always to talk to the photographer about everything that is most important to you. This way you will be sure to get a result that is faithful to your expectations.

What are the wedding details to photograph?

The necklace received as a gift from the bride on the morning of the wedding, the personalized cufflinks of the groom that tell of his passion, the pearl earrings handed down from mother to daughter for generations… These are just some examples of wedding details that guests may not notice but of fundamental importance for the spouses.

The details of the bride to photograph

The dress is certainly the most important element of marriage, it is impossible not to photograph it. Before being worn, hung on display in the most romantic corner of the location or in the room where the bride is getting ready. Along with the dress there are shoes, sometimes real works of art, which too often remain “hidden” by the skirt and train of the dress, but which deserve at least a photo.

The jewels are also fundamental, often a family memory, or a gift specially designed by parents. Earrings, tiaras, pearls, bracelets and necklaces… but also the wedding rings, in their box, are among the details not to be missed.

The details of the groom to photograph

The groom’s suit and accessories must also be included in the photo shoot. The belt, the bow tie, the cufflinks of the shirt, the watch – even the pocket watch -, the shoes and the top hat are some of the elements most commonly worn by men on the occasion of their wedding.

The photos will be more striking if these details are contextualized and photographed in a composition with the same color palette and the same light.

The details of the ceremony to photograph

The ceremony arrangements, such as floral arrangements, candles and lanterns, photographed before the entrance of all guests and the newlyweds, are certainly among the essential details. In fact, the spouses may not have the opportunity to see the place set up but empty, in all its beauty. Whether the ceremony is in a church, in a synagogue or on a green lawn, this is a moment that cannot be missed in your photos.

In the case of symbolic ceremonies, it is important to capture the elements that the spouses have chosen for the rite: ribbons, candles, little bottles of sand.

The details of the reception to photograph

As for the reception, arrangements and decorations give life to a unique style: the one that the spouses have chosen and organized with care for months and months.

Somehow, they represent the couple’s personality and style and therefore cannot be missing from the wedding album. Place cards, centerpieces, favors, tableau de mariage and guest book… are just some of the many details to capture in photos and videos.

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