Palazzo Corsini al Prato

Wedding at Giardino Corsini

Palazzo Corsini al Prato is home to one of the most exclusive and magical parks in Florence: the Corsini Garden. In the historic center of the city, near the convent of Santa Maria Novella, the garden is one of the most beautiful and famous green spaces in Florence. It houses works by great sixteenth-century artists such as Giambologna and Buontalenti.

The garden and Palazzo Corsini al Prato represent a unique place, where art and nature tell the story of past centuries and where future stories are woven. A wedding at Giardino Corsini is truly exclusive and unique because this space, being still private today, is not often granted as a location for events.

Photographing the wedding at the Corsini Garden

Over the years, our team has had the opportunity to participate in some exclusive weddings and events that have taken place in the Corsini Garden. We therefore have experience of its spaces and the best perspectives to create unique pics that best express its beauty. In particular, the central boulevard decorated with statues and ancient basins for lemons is a perfect walkway for making fine art photos and fashion-style portraits!

Golden hour in the garden of Palazzo Corsini

If what you are looking for for your wedding in Florence is an outdoor venue with many photographic opportunities, the garden of Palazzo Corsini is ideal. Your guests will be welcomed into an enchanted world, hidden in the heart of the city!

The garden is a photographic set full of backgrounds of extraordinary charm and classic atmospheres, a mirror of a time in which beauty and art were priceless values appreciated and sought after by the Florentine nobility. At sunset, this space gives its best by showing itself in its most authentic and precious guise.

Your wedding photos at Giardino Corsini

One cannot fail to appreciate the magical atmosphere of the Corsini Garden, every event and wedding that we find ourselves able to tell in this environment is totally imbued with it. We know the nuances and details of the lemon house, the Italian garden and the Loggia del Buontalenti that frames the building and we will guide you through a tailor-made photo shoot that tells its beauty.

We put our eyes and camera lenses at your service to make wedding photos according to the romantic spirit with which this garden was designed.

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