Engagement photo service in Tuscany

Engagement photo: shooting in Tuscany

Traveling to Tuscany to have a wedding ceremony and reception is a real dream for many couples. The region’s popularity abroad is definitely due to its landscapes, foods, wines, and art…. the perfect set for weddings and other events.

Lots of couples spend their vacation visiting Tuscany before their wedding and selecting their location, planner and every other supplier that will take care of their event. This is also the perfect time to have an engagement photo shooting.

Pre-wedding photo service in Florence

It is not uncommon for couples to begin their visit from Florence. The city is rich in history: its monuments and works of art are perfect sets for some photos and so is the surrounding countryside, ideal background for both photos and videos.

An engagement photo session in Florence is definitely the right choice to spend some days in the heart of Tuscany and create beautiful memories with your loved one, just the two of you before the big event.

Engagement photo service in Siena, Pisa, Lucca

Of course, Florence is not the only city to choose from. Beautiful art cities are spread all over the region, each and every one with its peculiar style and scenery. Siena, surrounded by hills and vineyards is a great choice too, and so are Pisa, home of the “leaning tower”, and Lucca, slightly less popular among tourists thought perfect for an intimate shooting inside and on top of its gorgeous city walls.

Tuscany is quite a large and variegate region, occupying a remarkable portion of central Italy, featuring mountains, hills, valleys, beaches and islands. Choosing the perfect panorama that best suits your dreams and ambitions is up to you!

Engagement photo session in Tuscany

During the engagement session we aim to capture your smiles, knowing looks and gestures, moments deserving to be engraved in memory. Taking pre-wedding photos in Tuscany is an amazing experience, it gives you the chance of visiting some of its beautiful scenarios whilst enjoying precious moments with your fiancée.

There is no rush, take your time, relax and have fun… we will be by your side guiding you through the best spots, suggesting the best poses, simply following you closely, ready to take pictures!

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