Wedding video: how to choose the best for you

The choice of the wedding video

The wedding video is one of the few elements that, together with the photos, will give tangible shape to your best memories of such a special day. It is therefore important that its style reflects you as much as possible, conveying your uniqueness on film!

The wedding film must represent the most beautiful and exciting moments of the day, from the preparations to the ceremony and the celebrations. The common thread of each of these moments will be precisely the style you choose for the video.

The types of wedding videos

Our goal as wedding videomaker is to create a customized, personalized and unique video for each couple. This is why we have created four different types of wedding videos: wedding trailer, emotional movie, video clip and selfie video booth. Are you curious to find out more? In this article we provide you with some more information and advice.

Wedding trailer and full movie: classicism and emotion

If you don’t want to miss any precious moment of your day. A perfect combo of a 3 minute trailer with the most exciting moments of the day and a 30/40 minute video with a more relaxed pace to relive that day in all its nuances.

The wedding trailer follows a classic and emotional style, narrating the wedding through the images of its most special moments.

The slow, sometimes more intense trend allows us to highlight the details of each individual event, the faces and emotions that continually evolve in the couple and their guests.

It is a classic, timeless style that will excite today as well as in the future without ever losing its magic. This type of wedding video is suitable for couples who do not give up on tradition and the romantic idea of being able to relive the wedding day again and again, experiencing the same emotions even after some time.

Emotional movie: every moment of your big day

A few minutes full of emotions to relive that day whenever you want. A 10-minute video plus a highlights video that will tell the story of your wedding in a cinematic way.

Intense and exciting, the emotional movie tells the whole wedding day step by step, moment by moment.

Nothing is left behind, the video includes the preparations, the ceremony, the party, highlighting the details and the environments that the bride and groom have carefully selected for the big day.

This style is perfect for couples who live for sensations and who choose to rediscover their wedding day through the short moments that made it so special. A few minutes, but full of meaning accompanied by a tailor-made soundtrack.

Wedding videoclip: energy and fun

The wedding videoclip is specially designed to upset your wedding with something new, fresh and exclusive. This style is unparalleled, it is a unique way to include your relatives and friends on the most important day of your life by enjoying some carefree moments with them to the rhythm of music.

All guests will be involved, together with the married couple, in the recording of a marryoke to the notes of a specially chosen song. The end result is a very fun and dynamic video ideal for those couples who want something unconventional.

Selfie video booth: all the best of the party

The photo booth is a corner set up with gadgets such as wigs, hats and props to involve guests in the wedding party by creating fun photos. The video booth is very similar: the set-up is the same, but in this case there will be a real organization on the part of the videomaker to obtain a fun movie to the rhythm of music.

It is an excellent solution to entertain your guests, both children and adults, during dinner and party. This dynamic and engaging style is perfectly suited to couples who want to keep a tangible memory of the happiest and most carefree moments of their wedding.

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