Why you should consider analog photography for your wedding

Analog wedding photography

In the digital era, few people know and recognize the value of analog photography. This pleasure is reserved to those who are looking for a special, timeless emotion in photography, a unique and precious moment.

When it comes to analog, the photographer is a real craftsman who, by applying development and printing techniques in the darkroom, manages to make the memories tangible. The prints thus obtained are the highest way on the qualitative scale to preserve the most unforgettable moments over time.

Maximum expression of photography

The wedding day is certainly one of the most significant moments in life, it deserves a place of honor in the memories of every bride and groom. With analogue photography, which is the maximum expression of photography, it is really possible to capture the maximum expression of love: the exchange of wedding vows, the first moments of a life to be spent together.

To be kept for a long time

The Righi studio was born with the analogue printing technique and analogue photography is still part of our activities, a work of high craftsmanship that we carry out with pride. For weddings and special occasions, we also offer the creation of fine art prints with silver salts whose duration over time far exceeds that of a modern digital photo.

With this technique, the memories of your wedding will be preserved forever over time: precious and unique, exactly as they deserve.

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