Why you should consider analog photography for your wedding

The modern analog photography

In the digital era, why should you consider the analog or film photography for your wedding? It is not just a matter of nostalgia, it is more an invitation to the rediscover of the tactile sense of the image, now forgotten with digital photography.
Most of the photos taken with our smartphones will never be printed and will remain into the phone gallery, to be looked at only through its display. Wedding pictures, often, make no exception.

Maximum photography expression

Each analog photo, unlike the digital one, is a solid object, with its own weight and density that are tangible. That is why, it is undeniable to say that analog is the maximum expression of photography.

Moreover, film photography is wonderfully imperfect and this makes it powerful and capable in representing the reality that portrays. What better way, then, to capture unique and precious moments of a wedding?

Our proposal for your analog wedding photos

Studio Righi has never abandoned the analog technique, our Team has preserved, cherished and carried on all the developmentĀ and printing process from film, perfecting and remaining capable of offering a complete service.

Therefore, in addition to the digital service, we keep offering our Newlyweds also some analog shots, to enhance their wedding at its best with physical photos, precious and timeless.

Analog and Digital, together for your wedding

When to a wedding photo service, developed mostly in digital, some analog shots are added, its whole memory is perfected: The first look, the first kiss, the cake cutting, all impressed into something tangible

The photographic aesthetic evolves and modifies itself around trends, taste and popularity changes, but the analog photography has already passed the test of time and we bet it will be appreciated in the future for a very, very long time.

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