How fine art wedding photos are made: interview with Marco

Team Righi: fine art wedding photographer in Tuscany

Studio Righi has always been inspired by fine art photography, since its foundation. The culture of classical photography, and masters such as Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Robert Frank, Ansel Adams, are a reference for every professional of the studio and at the base of every photographic and videographic project. The term fine art photographer, increasingly used especially in the wedding industry, is what best suits the team.

We talk to Marco of the team Righi to find out more about fine art photography and the development techniques of this type of photo.

What’s a fine art wedding photography definition?

Fine art photography was born in America with photographers who tryed to give photography a whole new meaning compared to the past. Each photo is treated and built in detail: light, colors, style, composition, pose are studied. In short, photography is elevated to art.

The fine art wedding photos are the wedding declination of this type of photography studied, conceived and created with care according to precise techniques and knowledge that are part of the culture and personal education of the photographer. It is the maximum expression of photography, the one that best of all can tell a day as special as the wedding.

What is the difference between a snapshot and fine art photography?

Today anyone is able to take a photograph, what differentiates the fine art photo from any snapshot is the professionalism behind the camera.
An experienced and knowledgeable photographer knows how to put the couple at ease, has a broader view of the single photo and is therefore able to tell the whole event and the couple in a complete way with a unique and personal cut.

It is the aesthetic, technical and formal research behind each shot that allows you to develop a fine art photo of the wedding.

How is a fine art wedding photo actually developed?

The fine art wedding photo prints come from high quality digital files. These files are first subjected to a very scrupulous post-production process that enhances their colors, style, light and guarantees a high print yield.

The photographer’s mastery of the printing technique is essential to obtain a result of absolute quality.

Our studio was born with the analogue printing technique and analogue photography is still part of our activities, a work of high craftsmanship that still guides us in digital printing.

It is these fine art prints that are collected in the handcrafted albums that we offer to the newlyweds. The classic wedding photo album is still at the top of couples’ wish lists, a tangible reminder of their best day that gets them emotional every time.

What advice would you give to find a fine art wedding photographer in Tuscany?

I definitely recommend taking an interest in the history of the photographer and his studio and not relying solely on the Instagram profile.

Asking many questions about the process behind his photography is always useful to deepen, to get to know him and get an idea of his way of understanding photography, of his vision of your event.

Establish human contact with the photographer, breaking the ice, can really make a difference on your wedding day.

I would add that visiting the studio, if possible, is mandatory: do not be fooled by those who pretend to be a professional but do not have a studio in which to receive you or have no experience with the posing studio.

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